Medium of Mixology is a cocktail blog that highlights and reviews craft cocktails. For each drink we look at presentation (color and garnishes), aroma, taste (front palette, mid palette, and finish), lasting appeal (is worth making again?), and its value to reproduce for guests at your home or business.
Each cocktail is also given two ratings. First is the alcohol taste rating out of ten. 10 would be a straight shot of a spirit (such as vodka or grain alcohol), and 0 would be water or fruit juice. The second rating is the “overall rating,” also out of ten. This indicates how well the cocktail tastes overall and if it’s worth trying in the first place. Anything below a 5 isn’t really advised. Many drinks reviewed sit between 7 and 9, leaving very VERY few drinks with a perfect 10.
You can always look forward to a new drink creation by revisiting the blog periodically, subscribing via RSS, follow on the Facebook fan page and/or searching the tags by ingredient to satisfy your longing for a new and interesting cocktail.

Medium of Mixology does not endorse or encourage excessive drunkenness or underage drinking in any scenario. The blog is designed to introduce its readers to unique cocktails and act as a journal of sorts.

South of France Cocktail

South of France
Blended Cocktails Week 2015

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  1. Heya, my name is Scott. I’m also an avid mixologist trying out different drinks and inventing new ones to share with family, friends, and now the rest of the world. I really like what you do and would appreciate it if you could take the time to check out my blog at pinnaclepoisons.wordpress.com

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